Enhanced Carrier Interface for Microsoft Dynamics AX


A major enhancement to the existing carrier interface framework in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Interfaces with software like:

  • UPS Worldship
  • TNT Express Manager
  • DHL Easy Ship
  • …. and similar software

And this gives you :

  • a carrier interface in a familiar Dynamics AX environment, and fully integrated with your existing business processes in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • shipping labels printed in a few seconds after finishing the shipping request in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and tracking numbers returned and displayed or printed in AX.

Features – enhancements compared to the standard framework :

  • Can operate in a multi-company environment with separate installations of the carrier software (e.g. UPS Worldship) per company/warehouse.
  • Simple and robust interface based on XML/text-files in a network share without ODBC or other ”technical” installations.
  • The carrier software is operated only when executing the end-of-day procedure – otherwise it just runs as a service in the background without any intervention from the shipping personnel.
  • All information are created in Dynamics AX in a common interface for all carriers, and shipping labels are printed in a few seconds after finishing the shipping request in Dynamics AX.
  • Feedback from the carrier software - errors and tracking numbers – are automatically imported and displayed in Dynamics AX after being created by the carrier software. And this happens in a few seconds after the labels are printed.
  • It’s possible to process the shipping request before printing the packing slip, making it possible to print tracking and shipping info on the packing slip and mail it to the customer.
  • Even shipping requests not based on sales orders – like documents or manuals - can be made from the same interface in Dynamics AX without having to use the carrier software.
  • The interface is fully integrated with the Global Address Book for selection of addresses, or addresses can even be entered manually when making the shipping request.
  • Runs in parallel to the existing carrier interface framework, making it possible to use this for some carrier software, like FedEx or Clipper.

If this sounds interesting to you, just contact me for further information or for a demo.