BaaN IVc4

463270633Once upon a time there were two brothers, Jan and Paul Baan, in Barneveld, Netherlands, who saw the bright future for the all-inclusive business software, also known as ERP.

And from the mid-1990′s, their system, BaaN, had become one of the major players in this field. Among their customers were companies in the automotive industry as well as one of the large airplane manufacturers. And an organization of several thousand people were selling, developing and supporting the system throughout the world.

I started working with the system in 1998, on the version known as BaaN IVc4 and with the integrated development environment called BaaN Tools. My first task was to assist a customer in the data migration from BPCS running on an AS/400 to the new BaaN system running in a UNIX environment. And from there it continued with report customizations and then over the next many years, I developed a deeper and deeper insight into the inner workings of the system.

And because I still have customers running BaaN IVc4, I have worked with the system ever since. Today I consider myself an expert, and in fact one of the very few freelancers working as a developer and consultant with the system in the Nordic region.

Some years ago, one of my customers moved away from BaaN, and implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX. Today most of my BaaN customers have announced their plans on moving to another ERP system over the next years. And most of them are moving to Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Long time ago, I received a piece of advice saying ”Follow the Customers”, and this is certainly one of the reasons why, back in 2011, I decided to jump on the AX-wagon. Another reason is of course the rising star and market momentum of Microsoft Dynamics AX, and the demand for resources coming from this.

And even though I still support my loyal customers with BaaN IVc4, this work has gradually declined over the years, and at the same time giving me the opportunity to dive more and more into the world of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

BaaN IVc4 today is owned and supported by Infor Global Solutions, and long time ago taken off the market and replaced by the newer version, Infor ERP LN.

But if you are out there, still running BaaN IVc4, and in search for developer assistance, training or other consultancy services, you now know where to find them.