About Lumbye IT

bent_3Hello, I’m Bent Lumbye Hansen…….

and I would really like to help you optimize your business processes as a developer and consultant, which to me are the two sides of the same coin.

More than 25 years ago, I started out as a freelancer, and I have worked as such through all the years. Thanks to a small loyal customer base.

Lumbye IT-Service ApS is my company, and though I’m the only person employed, I’m certainly not alone in the world. First of all, I meet my customers, and like other freelancers, I have met quite a few colleagues over the years.

Before my career as a freelancer, I have worked as a controller for many years, which brings the user perspective into my work. I think it’s fair to say, that as a developer I have a clear user perspective, more than a desire to make the technical most advanced solution.

My educational background lies within financial and management accounting from Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Being a Danish citizen, my native language is Danish, but I consider myself rather fluent in English as well. And in 2005, my wife and I bought the house in Sweden, where we actually live today, and where one of my offices are located. So I believe I’m able to communicate in Swedish too.

My first encounter with Microsoft Dynamics AX were in 2011, where I started to install and explore AX 2009. I soon abandoned 2009 and started with 2012 instead, as one of my customers announced this as the version they would bet their business on.



I then took one of the modules I had developed for another ERP system; a module that’s installed for customers in countries like Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, and in the US, and developed the same functionality in AX 2012. This became the Enhanced Carrier Interface for Microsoft Dynamics AX.

In 2013 I finished my Microsoft Certifications and a course in the Retail Functionality in AX 2012. Today I’m certified in

  • Installation and configuration
  • Development introduction
  • Trade and logistics
  • Financials

all certifications for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Through the years I have worked with a lot of modules in different ERP systems:

  • Finance, Accounts Receivable/Payable
  • Fixed Assets
  • Sales, Purchase, Distribution and Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing, Shop Floor Control, MRP/MPS
  • Hours accounting
  • Project management
  • Product Configurator
  • …. and maybe some I have forgotten

Personally I’m addicted to quality. I really hate errors, especially my own mistakes. And some happens from time to time I’m afraid, but at least I learn from all of them.

So I can offer you more than 25 years of experience developing solutions for ERP systems, a commitment to quality and the ability to put myself in place of the user, all combined with a business perspective.

If you are looking for

  • a developer, who understands the business processes you’re explaining to him
  • a consultant, who can write the code himself, or communicate with other developers

then contact me for making our first appointment, or to discuss the possibilities of a future partnership on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For a summary and some examples of the things I’ve been involved with, please have a look at this page.